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Another really exciting thing for us is the cake! We won’t be opting for any boring white, lace trimmed, smiling groom and bride topped and made from the batter of the gods.

We also probably won’t be doing tiered since we need enough cake for all (which isn’t much, but don’t wanna run out!). We’ve discussed briefly about a pumpkin patch, with little mini pumpkin cupcakes surrounding. Either way, something decently priced or (if he lets me heheheh. Well I DID do half a Death Star once…..) easy to create!

Anyhow, here are some photos of frightfully beautiful cakes!


This cake is absolutely stunning.  I love the whole graveyard idea and this is just put together so beautifully.  This is probably my favorite out of the entire batch of photos I scoured the internet for this morning.  Cake is from Amazing Cakes.


This cake is something I would never do due to the excessive amount of black icing (yuckk) but it sure is lovely.  A little more on the gothy side, as opposed to spooky, but very very elegant.  LOVE the topper!  This cake is from


The detail in the front of this cake is amazing.  The pumpkin layers near the top are adorable (is it okay to call pumpkins adorable? ).  Either way, really cute cake.  This one is from


I don’t really know what to say about this one other than WOW.  Love everything about this cake apart from the fact that I would never let anyone take a knife to it.  WOW WOW WOW.  This ties as favorite cake for sure!  Cake is from SebastianDiaz87 (Flickr)

Not my favorite, but it sure is cute as hell.  Love the little pumpkins in the yard and the house next to it.  Super cute.  This cake is from

Looking for cakes also puts me in the mood to look for cake toppers!

Too bad this one over at eBay is as much as it is.  It’s amazing.
This one is also wicked cool!
Soooo cute!!!
This one wouldn’t work as I’m not blonde, but it’s cute!
Really love this one.
Nice idea, but the quality is really lacking.

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Dress has arrived :D

My super awesome dress arrived last night and is much prettier than I thought it looked online. It smells ancient but is in such great condition apart from the stain underneath the lacey bit.. which is barely noticeable to begin with and shouldn’t have a hard time coming out. Some of the rhinestones in the collar are missing or turned black but it’s such an insignificant detail that I can either forget about it, or just get the studs restapled in.

It fits perfectly in the bust if wearing a padded, push up bra (which of course I’ll be wearing, due to my lack of umph upstairs) and the waist is only about 3 inches too big. I figured I’d prefer to have a dress that allows a little leeway so I don’t have to starve myself for 4 months prior. Now, I can eat and exercise and NOT stress about whether or not it fits. I will be getting it taken in as it gets closer to the wedding date.

It also surprisingly isn’t super duper long. It just covers my feet with about 2 inches of hang (but that’s why high heels were made!) and what a sweep it has! I put it on and spun around the room til I felt like I was gonna hurl from all the spinning.

I’m so glad to have such a gorgeous dress so soon, and at such an amazing price. Hopefully the rest of the wedding is as inexpensive!!

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Wedding Dress

dressAfter watching this religiously on eBay for a week, bidding on it a day before (and almost deciding to forget all about it because it got pricier than I intended), and dreaming about it TWICE in one night I decided that this is the dress for me.

It’s not your average dress (but hey, average is boring!), it’s from the 50′s (complete with stains and a few small rips), swing style, and lots of room to move about in, or get alterations if necessary :D

Yes, Jason’s seen it.  He’s my best friend – I ask his opinion on everything.  He’s gonna have to wait til next Halloween to see me in it tho :P

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