Who the hell are these people and what’s with the spooky?

Jason and Maryann are pretty hip cats who like things such as our pet ras, tattoos, video
games, poker, pirate furniture, and the song Ghost Town by Shiny Toy Guns. They are
not your average run of the mill entities – in fact they are so far from average that they
are shocked that they don’t spontaneously combust on a daily basis.

Why all the spooky? Cause it’s awesome. And Halloween should be a paid holiday. Also, if what Maryann’s mom says is true, it was also the day of Maryann’s conception. And Halloween means free candy! Woooo! Well, not for the two graveyard crossed lovers, but they can still pretend.

Name: Jason Nolte
Real Name: MOO
Age: Too old
Sex: Obsessed
Tattoos: Not enough

Poker, Video Games, Popsicles,
Maryann, Playstation 3, Poker, Rats,
Beer, Boobs, Not getting out of bed at 6am.

Mississauga, Bad drivers

Name: Maryann Blagdon
Real Name: Hunny Bunny
Age: 6
Sex: Maybe later
Tattoos: Lots!

Jason, Horror movies, Johnny Cash, Jason’s cooking, Rats, Bats, Waking up early, Bubble baths, Gummy worms, Classic cars, Cats, Her maid service.

Most people, Bad drivers

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Maryann challenges Jason's beard with her super, industrial strength mop of tangled hair.