How We Met

Maryann was bored and tired of being alone so she signed up at the website Plenty of Fish. Jason also happened to be alone and bored so he sent her a message. Maryann didn’t care all that much for chatting with him at first, but was bored so spoke back. Soon Jason had downloaded MSN and they were talking back and forth every so often. Suddenly, New Year’s Eve 2007 rolls around and both Jason and Maryann find themselves alone at their respective homes with nothing to do… so they then talk online for like 8 hours, getting drunk off rum and various other drinks. Eventually they go to bed, having brought in the new year together over the internet. High five!

The following day, January 1st, 2008, Jason and Maryann talk online again until Jason suddenly say’s that he feels like going for a drive. Maryann was a little sad but she said “okie dokie” and went off to do something non internet related. Somewhere in between bits of conversation over the last day Maryann also gave Jason her phone number (trusting young gal she was). Imagine her surprise when a few hours later she received a phone call from him! High five! And she was further surprised when he told her he was lost… on his way to see her! Turns out that he went very far in the wrong direction…. all the way to a nuclear power plant.

Eventually they met up in the parking lot of Shoppers World mall, near the Zellers entrance during a snow storm. Maryann was slightly cautious approaching the car because she could smell Jason’s smelly feet hanging out the window. From there they went to Tim Hortons and talked about tattoos, booze and other things. When they grew tired of mere chatting, they went to the theatre to play the arcade games. Aww. Jason destroyed Maryann in air hockey and Maryann had a really sore arm the next morning.

The next day Jason came to visit again, all the way from Alliston (hour away from Brampton). He wined and dined her and they went back to his place because Brampton is boring and the lousy bowling alley was closed. Jason was a terrible flirt so Maryann had to do all the work. She kissed him first because he wasn’t moving fast enough and the rest is history :)

Sexy time.

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Maryann can code html faster than she type actual sentences.