The Proposal

Jason planned a random “Hey let’s go to Niagara Falls cause it’s awesome and we love it day” on May 8th, 2009. Being easily fooled and slightly naïve Maryann had no idea what was about to happen as the day unfolded.

They got themselves settled into their hotel room (good ole Best Western) and then went to the Skylon tower to “see the sights”. They got their photos taken on the green screen so they could put themselves on a fancy backdrop, and off they went into the top of the tower. After looking around at everything below them, Jason put some money into the view glasses and helped Maryann up to one. Maryann fumbled with the darn thing, trying to get it to work, but gave up shortly after. She turned around slowly and say Jason’s hand extended very close to her rear end and was about to bat it away when she noticed that the hand was not trying to cop a feel.. it was holding a pretty white box! Jason then asked Maryann to marry him and she said hells yeah and then they cried like babies for five minutes. Phone calls were then made to their moms and from there they kissed a bunch and proceeded to make their way down the tower to get some grub.

Grub turned into Jager bomb after Jager bomb and horror house after horror house and they had a blast until it was time to go back to the hotel to sleep. They repeated the cycle of drinking and horror house hopping (eventually getting in for near free since we frequented so often during the night), made friends with a bouncer at the bar near Nightmares, talked to some Americans and then went back to the hotel again. This time, the sleep wasn’t very pleasant. Maryann turned into that chick from the Exorcist and projectile vomited all over the hotel room. Everything was covered in puke. Maryann had no recollection of the night’s events but she did have quite a queazy stomach the rest of the day. Jason being the awesome lad he is, took the blame for the puke fest and surprisingly they weren’t charged for damages/bad smells in the room.

After they checked out of Best Western they made their way to the Marriot which was fanfuckingtastic! They had a view of the falls from their room, over priced mini bar and a jacuzzi!! High five! After spending much of the day in their room due to extreme hungoverness on Maryann’s part (she also barfed in the parking lot at the Marriot while cars drove by) they went down to dinner. They had 3 course dinners with wine pairings and one heck of a bill.

The next day they checked out, hit up some shops, and checked out the butterfly conservatory and made their way back home, stopping at McDonalds for some good ole grease.

Best. Weekend. Ever.

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Jason pretty much is Chuck Norris, reincarnated.