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Got a reverend!

Jason called around and got us a reverend today, who will do the marrying for just $100. Very decent. His website is, what a great domain name.

Trying to decide how I want to set up the music for the wedding. The legion has a PA system that I should be able to connect to speakers and my laptop. This will take a bit of research but shouldn’t be too difficult to do.

Really itching to get the invitations printed… they look so friggin awesome, I wanna stick em on my fridge haha.

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Wedding Updates!

Although I’m certain no one really reads this blog and I created it just to have something else to put in my portfolio, I still figure I might as well update it as updates happen.

Jason and I have decided we are no longer having a wedding (as nontraditional as we were going to have it) and instead we are going to get hitched at city hall and then get our butts off to somewhere warm! Currently we’re thinking Cancun depending on how much we can save up til that time! Makes far more sense to have a nice honeymoon instead of wasting money on renting halls, clothing, favors, decorations and catering – and neither of us have ever been outside of Canada so it should be nice n fun. We’re literally saving every extra penny we can and now that I got rid of my $3000 balance on my credit card I can throw a lot more into the savings account :D Excited!

In order to help fund this trip I’m going to be offering websites at a discounted price – $200 for a small site and free hosting and maintenance. So if you have a domain name kicking around that you never really had time to design anything for, let me know and I will make you something perdy :D

And this concludes my once every 3 months update… now to clean/edit the rest of the pages on the site bwhahahah.


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