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Dress has arrived :D

My super awesome dress arrived last night and is much prettier than I thought it looked online. It smells ancient but is in such great condition apart from the stain underneath the lacey bit.. which is barely noticeable to begin with and shouldn’t have a hard time coming out. Some of the rhinestones in the collar are missing or turned black but it’s such an insignificant detail that I can either forget about it, or just get the studs restapled in.

It fits perfectly in the bust if wearing a padded, push up bra (which of course I’ll be wearing, due to my lack of umph upstairs) and the waist is only about 3 inches too big. I figured I’d prefer to have a dress that allows a little leeway so I don’t have to starve myself for 4 months prior. Now, I can eat and exercise and NOT stress about whether or not it fits. I will be getting it taken in as it gets closer to the wedding date.

It also surprisingly isn’t super duper long. It just covers my feet with about 2 inches of hang (but that’s why high heels were made!) and what a sweep it has! I put it on and spun around the room til I felt like I was gonna hurl from all the spinning.

I’m so glad to have such a gorgeous dress so soon, and at such an amazing price. Hopefully the rest of the wedding is as inexpensive!!

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