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Time is going by far too fast!

I cannot believe how fast the days are going by!

I got my lovely fascinator in the mail the other day – handmade by Monica at Dollabella! Sooo gorgeous – pics coming soon! Also going to be posting pictures of my dress as well! And shoes once I get them unpacked haha

We almost have enough to pay off the rest of the hall – saving up Airmiles to take care of most of the catering ($40 so far… should have $60 soon – then the rest out of pocket).

Lots of baking to do as time gets closer but that’s nothing to worry about.

Only real problematic thing left is figuring out how to hook the laptop up to a PA and what cords are needed. Gonna be some trial and error in that for sure : / And other than that we gotta pay off the rings and find Jason a nice lil suit!

Only 98 days to go…. Insane!

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