1. Are you guys seriously getting hitched on Halloween?  Why???
Yes, yes we are.  Halloween is the coolest/most awesome time of the year.  We love spooky creepy crawly things, horror films, and mini chocolate bars/candy that only come out at Halloween time.  Also, horror houses.  So much fun.

2. You guys have only been together for two years…. isn’t it a little soon to get hitched?
Well, considering we have already tattooed our hands with half a heart each (w/each other’s initials inside) and Jay’s got Maryann’s name tattooed on his chest…. might as well get the rings and make it official ;)

3. No gift registry?  You guys are weird.
Nope, we don’t need gifts to have a fantastic day.  Having loved ones around us on our wedding day is all the “gift” we need.  Besides, that’s what Christmas is for :P

4. So where’s this thing gonna be held?
City Hall, Mississauga, October 31st, 2010. Then, Niagara Falls.

5. And the reception?
We’re not having one. Screw fancy wedding stuffs – we’s on a budget that includes horror houses, beer, and hotel rooms with jacuzzis.

6. Not much of a wedding then is it?
Says who? Don’t need no $30,000 lavish event to make us feel more “together”. We’re doing this together for us. It’s gonna rock.

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